Rio Tinto Supplier Recognition Gala 2023

Finding effective solutions for our client’s biodiversity concerns often requires new ways of seeing and managing risks.

Biologic is delighted that our innovative and collaborative approach to 3D modelling of subterranean fauna habitats will be recognised by Rio Tinto at their 2023 Supplier Recognition Gala on 16 March.

Subterranean fauna live in complex, underground habitats that we can sample via drill holes and bores, but have never been able to fully perceive. When the extent, connectivity or suitability of subterranean habitats are poorly understood, this can make the environmental impact assessment process uncertain and reduce confidence in the development of appropriate risk management strategies.

In partnership with Rio Tinto, Biologic has developed a rigorous approach to create realistic 3D models of subterranean fauna habitats, using Seequent’s Leapfrog® Geo software.

Our approach integrates geological and hydrogeological data, structural geology and geophysics, and results from subterranean fauna sampling and groundwater profiling. The resulting models enable confident, quantitative assessment of changes to subterranean habitats across a range of different scenarios. This provides a significant step forward in the assessment of risks to subterranean fauna, and a powerful toolkit for testing hypotheses about species distributions within cryptic, underground habitats.

We are honoured to be nominated for the innovation award at Rio Tinto’s 2023 Supplier Recognition Gala.

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