We produce high integrity nature-based credits — because not all carbon credits are created equal.

Biologic’s high quality carbon credits don’t just capture carbon. They are a by-product of our passion for biodiversity and community. Our team of ecologists, botanists, zoologists, geneticists, and geologists aims to create nature-informed, vibrantly biodiverse natural systems — and carbon credits that create ecological, financial and social value.

Creating biodiverse natural environments to address biodiversity loss and climate change

There is an undeniable and devastating correlation between biodiversity loss and climate change. Many countries are responding to the climate crisis with restoration plans, but 45 percent of all commitments involve planting vast monocultures of trees. Yet research shows that biodiverse natural forests are capable of storing 6 times the carbon of agroforestry and 40 times that of plantations.

Our high integrity nature-based credits address the dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss by creating ecologically effective and richly biodiverse natural environments.

Benefits for the environment

The global significance of Australia’s biodiversity cannot be overstated. Our unique natural environments are renowned for their diversity of flora and fauna and abundance of endemic species.

We leverage our comprehensive understanding of local biomes to identify appropriate areas of land for rehabilitation. We then populate these areas with a rich variety of the same flora species that would have grown there naturally, creating functioning, biodiverse environmental spaces.

Benefits for communities

The process of restoring and maintaining these biodiverse areas provides a host of local employment opportunities.

We look to partner with local and Indigenous businesses and groups to help with services including seed and plant procurement, feral and fire management, and infrastructure development and maintenance, as well as providing opportunities for bush tucker industries and cultural practices.

“The value of biodiversity is that it makes our ecosystems more resilient, which is a prerequisite for stable societies; its wanton destruction is akin to setting fire to our lifeboat.”

Johan Rockström
Chief Scientist at Conservation International

Gidgegannup Biodiverse Carbon Project

Located 45 minutes from the Perth CBD, our Gidgegannup Biodiverse Carbon Project is the start of our journey towards restoration best practice.

Taking transformative action to address biodiversity loss

Committed to putting our words into action, we created the Gidgegannup Biodiverse Carbon Project. Nestled into the Australia Wildlife Conservancy Paruna Conservation Estate, the project consists of cleared paddock and remnant vegetation. This biologically diverse 139 acre area will ultimately produce 700 Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) per hectare.

We plan to leverage the project to produce high integrity nature-based credits with significant co-benefits for biodiversity and communities. Along with doubling as a training ground for staff, and experimentation into restoration methods, we will encourage federally listed species like the Black Cockatoo and Chuditch (Western Quoll) into the area through habitat creation and feral control.

The Dasgupta Review clearly states that the cost of taking urgent and transformative action to address biodiversity loss now would be significantly less than if action is delayed. The Gidgegannup Biodiverse Carbon Project is Biologic’s first step in taking this vital action.

Follow our progress on the Gidgegannup Biodiverse Carbon Project on our blog.


Investing in the ecological and social value of the environments under your care is vital for the planet and for the success of your project. No matter your project’s size or scope, get in touch to partner with us for a low carbon, nature positive future.

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