Biologic at Environmental Consultants Association (WA) Women’s Networking Event

Biologic’s Claire Brooks recently moderated a sold-out Women’s Networking Event held by the Environmental Consultants Association (WA).

In the past couple of years, reports such as ‘Enough is Enough’ (released by the Community Development and Justice Standing Committee of the Western Australian Parliament) have highlighted the prevalence of harassment, sexual assault and inequality for women across the mining industry. As consultants, Biologic staff work with the mining industry and are exposed to these workplace cultures and their associated risks. Yet these cultures are not restricted to mine sites: harassment and assault can occur at training courses, conferences, meetings and at any field location, whether within the metropolitan area, at regional centres or remote sites. The high attendance at the event reflects the level of interest in understanding and addressing these issues in our industry.

The panel of Michelle Rhodes, Technical Director 360, Michelle Andrews, Director General of DWER, and Linda Kirchner, Principal at CDM Smith shared their stories and experiences, followed by meaningful conversations about the roles and hurdles women have faced, and continue to face, in environmental sciences and consulting. The panellists promoted the importance of having mentors, fostering networks and seeking support throughout your career, and sparked lively discussion on knowing your worth and working towards your goals. The younger scientists present found these conversations especially helpful.

Biologic are leaders in promoting a safe and inclusive environment at all sites where we work. We provide mentoring, training and confidential support services to all of our team members. Biologic will continue to encourage discussion in the industry around improving workplace safety for women.