Environmental DNA for Targeted Surveys

Environmental DNA (eDNA) potentially allows us to detect species in the environment, without physically sampling organisms. This could revolutionise environmental surveys, especially in subterranean environments where sampling is challenging.

Biologic Environmental Survey has been collaborating with industry partners Genotyping Australia to explore the possible applications of eDNA to subterranean surveys. Paired with robust baseline survey work, we have successfully detected eDNA of two species of subterranean micro-crustacean from Pilbara groundwater samples.

Biologic’s Senior Geneticist, Joel Huey, will be presenting “Environmental DNA for targeted environmental surveys” at the Biodiversity Conference 2021 (Resilient Landscapes) 15-17 September 2021 https://biodiversity2021.com/program/

For more information about the conference, follow the link below.