Biologic celebrates International Women’s Day

At Biologic we value equality and inclusion and are always looking for opportunities to put this into practice. To celebrate International Women’s Day, a group of our female team members attended an event hosted by The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM). Afterwards, we asked them: How does Biologic celebrate women, diversity and inclusion?

‘Biologic has been nothing but supportive in my growth as a young female in the mining and consultancy industry. Having a female manager that is a great role model, who encourages me to use my voice, and communicates clear steps for progression within my role is very empowering and motivating!’ Courtney Wilkins (Aquatic Ecologist)

‘We have an active women’s leadership group with which to make sure women feel supported in the workplace and especially in their career progression.’ Kim Nguyen (Senior Aquatic Ecologist | Health Safety Environment advisor)

‘My manager has always promoted opportunities for training and development, such as attending the AusIMM diversity and inclusion workshop. Having the support to undertake real-world learning is invaluable to me and ensures I have the best-possible tools to thrive in the mining industry. We also have directors who are approachable and understanding, and a women’s leadership team made up of strong female role models, so there are multiple avenues for support if it is needed.’ Emily Eakin-Busher (Senior Botanist)

‘Biologic champions women, diversity and inclusion by making it an everyday occurrence. Although this inclusion appears effortless, Biologic works hard to have non-biased hiring.’ Heather Jewell (Office Manager)

‘Biologic has always focused on employing the right “people” for the company. This is not necessarily the person with the most experience, or with the best reputation, or who has published the most papers. It is the person who best embodies our core values and work culture, and it has resulted in a diverse and inclusive environment where all staff work to not only improve themselves, but pull those around them up as well.’ Claire Brooks (Senior Zoologist)

‘By providing flexible work arrangements for returning mothers to work.’ Hannah Anderson (Senior Zoologist)

‘Here, the conversation around women, inclusion and diversity is progressively deepening and evolving. Its celebrated and valued by continually seeing how this can be better implemented and improved as a lived/experienced at Biologic.’ Carmel Winton (Senior Botanist)

‘Biologic is ridiculously family friendly. The recognition and understanding of the demands on our lives outside of work is a value that supports not only women but everyone.’ Viki Cramer (Science Writer | Senior Ecologist)