Biologic at The Biodiversity Conference 2021

Last week several Biologic staff members attended the Biodiversity Conference 2021, at The University Club of Western Australia.

The themes for this year’s conference were Indigenous Stewardship, Restoration and Conservation, Threats and Their Impact, Trends and Conditions, Technology and Innovation, and Our Biodiversity Assets.

Dozens of speakers presented over the course of 3 days, including the following presentations by Biologic Staff:

Dr Giulia Perina – Bathynellacea (Crusacea): A diverse subterranean group in Australian aquifers. What we know and what we need for conservation

Dr Joel Huey – Environmental DNA for targeted environmental surveys

Dr Juliana Pille Arnold – Floral resource energetics in the surrounding landscape drives abundance of bees in woodland remnants

Dr Nihara Gunawardene – The value of small urban bushlands and the importance of documenting and preserving biodiversity in the suburbs

Shae Callan – A new framework for 3D modelling of subterranean fauna habitats

We thank the conference hosts and organisers for the chance to present, and look forward to more opportunities to showcase our work and our team.

For further information about the presentations please contact our admin team, abstracts for each presentation can be found here