Katydid nymph - Master of Camouflage

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 Katydid Nypmh found in Canningvale bushland.Katydid nypmh found in Canningvale bushland. Photo: Brad Durrant (left), Emily Eakin-Busher (right).


While we are talking about mimics, one of our botanists came across this Katydid nymph (Pachysaga australis) whilst doing flora surveys in bushland at Canning Vale. She then happened upon another individual at Treeby.


Katydids are masters of camouflage and most often are green and/or leaf-life in shape; however, the nymph stage of thus species has evolved to look very similar to a wolf spider.


While both individuals are slightly different, the camouflage follows the same basic pattern of the common garden wolf spiders, and the bulbous abdomen makes it appear spider shaped from above.


Katydid nypmh mimicking a wolf spiderKatydid nypmh mimicking a wolf spider. Photos: Brad Durrant.