Ecological Society of Australia 2019 Conference, Tasmania

by Biologic Environmental Survey
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Biologic attended the Ecological Society of Australia 2019 Conference in Tasmania this week, with the main topic centered on Ecology: Science for Practical Solutions. Upwards of 500 people attended with representatives from research, government, industry, practitioners, consultants and the general public.

A series of symposiums and open forums were held across the five days, ranging from Traditional Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, Urban Ecology, Conservation (flora, fauna and translocation), Field-based Manipulative Experiments, Agricultural Landscapes, Feral Predators, Technology, Practitioner Engagement, Fire, Invasives, Ecology and Art, Aquatic (Fresh and Marine), Climate, Vegetation Science, Quantitative Ecology, Restoration and Forest Ecology to name a few.

There was a fantastic plenary talk from the outgoing President of the ESA on the censorship and suppression of scientific research results and professional advice in the government, environmental consultancies and universities resulting in poor environmental outcomes, poorly informed policy and compromised public debate.


Ecological Society of Australia ConferencePhoto: Ecological Society of Australia Conference. Taken by: Clinton Van den Bergh, 2019.