Australasian Groundwater Conference, Brisbane

by Biologic Environmental Survey
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Biologic attended the IAH/NCGRT Australasian Groundwater Conference in Brisbane this week. It was an incredibly successful conference attended by industry, regulators, academics and practitioners, showcasing a diverse range of hydro-geological research and novel approaches.

We heard presentations on hydro-geological assessments and investigations, 3D modelling, EIA and assessment of cumulative impacts, surface-groundwater interactions, GDEs, stygofauna, water quality monitoring, setting triggers and thresholds, and integrated water resources management, to meet the challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities of groundwater in our changing world.


GHD Groundwater in Mining and Resources PanelPhoto: GHD Groundwater in Mining and Resources Panel. Taken by: Jess Delaney, 2019