Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group Fundraising

by Tali Moyle
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The Gilbert's Potoroo was thought to be extinct for over 100 years before it was rediscovered at Two Peoples Bay near Albany in 1994. The species is now listed as Critically Endangered with only 100 individuals known alive. 

One of our Senior Zoologists, Tali Moyle, along with the other members of the Gilbert’s Potoroo team, will be abseiling off a 40 storey Building (QV1) on the 13th April 2019 to help raise money for this species. Money will go the Gilbert’s Potoroo Action Group (GPAG) which will help towards research and recovery programs and promotion and awareness of this threatened species.


Here is a link to their fundraising page:


You can find out more about Gilbert's Potoroo and the fantastic work being done by the Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group volunteers by following them on Twitter @gilbertspotoroo or Facebook @GilbertsPotorooActionGroup or visiting their website at