Microclimatic mapping in the Pilbara

20 January, 2015

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is currently mapping the ground-level microclimatic conditions of the Pilbara bioregion. This information has a wealth of potential applications associated with identification of ecological requirements of fauna and flora, identification of refugial habitats, rehabilitation monitoring, identification of heritage sites and other possibilities in the pastoral and agricultural industries. Biologic’s Brad Durrant has been working with Dr John Gollan from UTS to develop this project, source funding and provide logistical support through the provision of field personnel and equipment. The team recently deployed micro data loggers known as ‘iButtons’ at 170 sites covering the Pilbara bioregion. The iButtons will collect several temperature data points per day over the next couple of years, dependent on funding, with the data collected and analysed every 6 months.