Brad Durrant Appointed as Director

Biologic is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Durrant as a Director of the company. This is in recognition of his skills and ability to grow the business, particularly in the invertebrate field. Brad has over 17 years experience working with marine and terrestrial invertebrates with the Northern Territory Museum, WA Museum and the […]

A big appetite

The invasive Cane Toad (Rhinella marina) is an opportunistic predator. While most of its diet comprises terrestrial invertebrates, these amphibians are also known to consume smaller cane toads and, occasionally, chicks of ground-nesting birds. Since 2008, Ruchira Somaweera (now at Biologic) and colleagues at University of Sydney Tropical Ecology Research Facility in Darwin, have studied […]

Dr. Gardner wins the UAE Natural History Award

Congratulations to Biologic’s Dr. Drew Gardner for winning a Sheikh Mubarak bin Mohammed Award for Natural History. The Emirates Natural History Group Committee voted to award Dr. Gardner in recognition of his substantial, original contribution to the knowledge of the natural history of the UAE and Oman by means of extensive research, publication and presentations […]