Knob-tailed Gecko – Nephrurus wheeleri

This amazing shot of a Knob-tailed Gecko, like most of the shots on this blog was taken by Dean Bradshaw. This gecko belongs to the genus Nephrurus and appears to be a characature or cartoon drawing of a gecko. This genus is endemic to Australia and characterised by a large head and a short tail […]

Legless lizard – Delma fraseri

The little guy in the photo below is a legless lizard captured during a fauna survey in arid WA. It belongs to the Pygopod (translates to flap-footed) family, and its scientific name is Delma fraseri. Members of the Delma genus can sometimes look quite similar and require a closer look at the scale arrangement on the […]

Lucky (Thorny) Devil

Hundreds of thousands of reptiles die on the seemingly never-ending stretches of tar which dissect the Australian outback. Snakes and Lizards drawn to the warm surface in the morning and evenings, especially during spring, coming up short against the numerous road trains and other vehicles making long journeys between towns.  This individual, a Thorny Devil (Moloch […]

Scorpion Tail

The scorpion’s sting, located at the tip of what is known as the ‘metasoma’, comprises two major parts. At the base of the sting is a swollen area known as the telson. This contains the two venom glands. The rear part of the telson forms a sharp stinger called the aculeus. The sting apparatus functions […]

Anabat Technology

Bioacoustics and the study of animal calls – encompasses everything from the howl of a wolf to the trumpeting reverberations made by elephants. One of the most fascinating things about this sphere of biology is that scientists are only beginning to understand the complicated language of animals which until recently remained undetectable and mysterious thanks […]

Pilbara Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus barroni)

This large Pilbara Olive Python was seen while camping at one of the waterholes north of Newman. Other nocturnal visitor’s to this rockpool included Rothschild’s Rock Wallaby (Petrogale rothschildi), Stimson’s Python (Antaresia stimsoni), Spotted Rock Dtella (Gehyra punctata) and the Desert Tree Frog (Litoria rubella). This Olive Python is well known to Newman locals, and is […]

The beginning

The website is up! Due to the hard work of Claire from Chalk Creative and Dean – thanks guys. This Blog will be used to post information about Western Australia’s fauna and flora.