Microclimatic mapping in the Pilbara

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is currently mapping the ground-level microclimatic conditions of the Pilbara bioregion. This information has a wealth of potential applications associated with identification of ecological requirements of fauna and flora, identification of refugial habitats, rehabilitation monitoring, identification of heritage sites and other possibilities in the pastoral and agricultural industries. Biologic’s […]

Brad Durrant finalist in portrait prize

Brad Durrant’s monochromatic image of ultra-marathon burns survivor Turia Pitt is among the 40 finalists selected for the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture ( Brad was also a finalist in 2011 ( with a stunning portrait of Narelda Jacobs. This years Black Swan attracted over 350 entries from across Australia with the 40 finalists going on […]

Morgan awarded with a 40 under 40 award

Biologic’s Director, Morgan O’Connell, was awarded one of the Business News ‘40 under 40’ awards for 2014, at the Gala Awards banquet in March. This annual award recognises 40 outstanding young business personnel, under the age of 40, for their personal determination, commercial drive and philanthropic pursuits that balance professional achievements. The 2014 award winners […]

Biologic wins Sustainable Business Award for 2014

Biologic was the proud winner of the Sustainable Business Award for 2014 at the Prestigious City of Light Business Award Ceremony held in March at the Perth Cultural Centre. The award recognises business leadership and commitment to sustainability and the environment. The award ceremony brings together progressive business and community leaders from throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area, including local […]

A new goanna!

In a recent paper published in the taxonomical journal Zootaxa, Biologic’s Brad Maryan and Morgan O’Connell along with their research colleagues confirmed the existence of yet another species of Australian varanid- Varanus hamersleyensis. On recent field surveys by Biologic in the southern Pilbara (specifically the eastern Hamersley Range), the authors observed that the Pilbara Rock […]

City of Lights Business Awards

Biologic is a finalist in the 2013 City of Lights Business Award. The prestigious awards night is to be held under the stars in the James Street Amphitheatre in the Perth Cultural Centre on Friday the 14th of March 2014. The purpose of the evening is to celebrate the success, innovation and talent of the […]

Predators of Crocs

Crocodilians are often reviewed as formidable predators but only very few studies have evaluated the role of crocodilians as prey. Their mobile, semiaquatic and cryptic nature makes it difficult to detect them in the wild, hampering observations of predation events. A recent paper published in Herpetological Monographs by Biologic’s Ruchira Somaweera and his colleagues reviewed […]

Another new Aprasia from Brad

The lizard genus Aprasia includes a group of small, worm-like fossorial (live underground) lizards, most of which are distributed along the west coast of Australia. The taxonomy of this group is poorly resolved. In a recent study, Brad Maryan of Biologic and his colleagues described yet another member of the genus- Aprasia litorea- from the […]

A tale of a horn

With funding from the National Geographic Society, Dr Ruchira Somaweera of Biologic recently completed a year-long project on the evolutionary ecology of the iconic horned lizards of Sri Lanka. Five endemic members of the lizard genus , where each species have a unique ‘horn’ at the tip of the snout, inhabit the island and most […]

‘Sustainable Business Award’ to Biologic

Biologic was the proud winner of the West Coast Institute of Training Sustainable Business Award at the Local Chambers ‘Cirque de la Lune’ Business Awards held in September 2013, a circus/black and white themed awards night. The award, sponsored by West Coast Institute of Training and Green Business Skills, was awarded to Biologic for its […]